Why iMassage

It’s been a process getting to where I am now as a therapist, and as a naturally introverted individual, massage has really taken me out of my shell. My naturally empathetic behavior has fed into a barrier i once relied on to keep my comfort zone small and safe, but now I use that empathy to sense and locate others tension through touch instead of a spoken barrier of comfort.

As a 90’s Millennial, I naturally grew with and have had a constant interest in technology. Although the convenience is still growing and is far from untapped, is the convenience inhibiting us from interacting in a healthy way? Or going about the conventional human experience? Think of texting for example, is that how you really want to celebrate a birthday, achievement, or relationship milestone?

There was a time that I was a person using forms of social media to spread my wings, but when it got to seeing that person face to face I could often be bashful and inconsistent in my dialog. Although this was far from regular, It usually meant that there was more of a connection there that I could not express, the feelings were consistent. What I’ve found is that I’ve always had a deep emotional connection with people, being someone who can listen, and understand despite the extreme or mediocre situations. For some reason, whether it be through text, sound or feeling, a person could just let go of there barriers and feel safe in mine. The feeling of bashfulness, nervousness, and uncomfortable yet conscientiousness interactions were hard to deal with at first. I ended up being a typical anxious teen who struggled to cope, that is until I found love.

What love for another showed me in my young adult years is that human interaction through touch was something I was gifted at. Now this isn’t the part where we talk sex or even go in that direction at all. It is where we talk about the tough times, when you need someone to tell you it’s okay, to cry and to be held after a death or trauma. After realizing the power of my touch through positive reinforcement and praise from friends and family, many of them encouraged me to further the path.

The first step was receiving massage, a professional one, this is what changed my outlook completely. I’ve found that to be a therapist, you must be able to benefit from therapy. Let go of your own barrier to accept someone’s energy and efforts to heal you fully. After receiving just two sessions my kinesthetic self had soaked up the massage atmosphere and technique leaving me with a hunger for knowledge.

It has been 5 years since my first massage session, and I’ve managed to obtained my O.B.M.T (Oregon board of massage therapists) License, and have worked at multiple Massage Studio’s.this lifestyle has completely replaced this barrier with a brightness, one that accepts people with openness acceptance. It allows their healing process to be accelerated in a way to promote growth, and the ability to move forward. This is why, iMassage.

Chrystopher J Holland LMT